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Jonathan Laster Interview

October 17, 2018

Located in Watkinsville, Georgia, and serving clients in Athens and throughout Oconee County, The Laster Law Firm, LLC, is committed to simplifying your real estate transaction and bringing peace to your house. Our lead attorney, John Laster, has more than 20 years of experience representing Georgians in a broad range of complex real estate, elder law, estate management and probate cases. Mr. Laster is committed to working closely with each client to protect their rights and guard their interests throughout any and all complicated real property transactions.

Whether you are closing on a property, preparing end-of-life plans or administering probate, our firm can help ensure the process is fair, efficient and peaceful. Take out the stress with a trusted Georgia real estate attorney — contact The Laster Law Firm, LLC, at 706-510-2813.

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