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Cari Heinz Interview - Heyward Allen

October 17, 2018

Heyward Allen Sr. came to Athens by way of Alabama to play college football. Heyward Allen was a bulldog through and through and was the captain 1942 Orange Bowl Team. After his collegiate career had ended, Mr. Allen founded the original company in 1946; the Kaiser, Fraser and Willis vehicle dealership in Gainesville, Florida.

 A few years later, he moved back to Athens and opened a Lincoln-Mercury dealership, which he operated until 1960. In 1960, Mr. Allen purchased the Cadillac-Oldsmobile franchise in Athens from City Motors, Inc. and sold the Lincoln-Mercury dealership. In 1962, Mr. Allen opened a Volkswagen dealership.
In 1968, Mr. Allen's son, Buddy, joined the family business and became general manager of the Volkswagen dealership.  In 1969 Mr. Allen purchased the Nissan franchise, one of the first in the state of Georgia. In 1971, Mr. Allen and Buddy purchased the Mercedes Benz franchise and in 1980, purchased a GMC Truck franchise.